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Paxful is now a partner of The London Crypto Exchange

The London Crypto Exchange is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Paxful, one of the world’s largest peer-to-peer platforms. The London Crypto Exchange was started for a number of reasons.

When I first come into the crypto space, trying to buy bitcoin was a nightmare and difficult to do so. Most of the companies that are out there only want you to buy bitcoin to trade on their platform, I did not want to do that and so the journey into this space began.

I had for 20 years worked around Europe and the USA, paid my taxes and owned property in a number of countries. I decided after 20 years to return to the UK where I was born, upon my return I needed a UK bank account for money to be paid into. I went to over 10 different banks here in the UK to try to open an account, but as I had not been in the “system” for 20 years, but still held a UK passport I could not get a bank account to have money paid into.

I have since discovered that there are over 1.7 billion people around the world that don’t or can’t have a bank account, so this is a global issue. After researching I came across bitcoin and blockchain technology, and became fascinated by this and what it could do for humanity.

Blockchain will change the world, this is an online ledger where so much can be easily accessed, for example you could place someone’s credit rating on their and that could travel with them to anywhere in the world, and the simple problem I had of opening a bank account would be solved.

Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies offer a solution to the banking sector, one that is borderless, faster and can operate 24/7/365 and the blockchain eliminates all elements of fraud and money laundering.

In technology that has only been around at this point for a few years my issues had been solved or, so I thought. Trying to buy bitcoin was another story and yes there was an abundance of exchanges selling, but they all wanted you to trade on their platforms and god forbid if you had a problem, some customer service teams took up to 10 days to reply to a simple email.

After nearly 3 years of research and trying nearly every exchange out, I decided that I would start my own crypto exchange, and The London Crypto Exchange was born. I wanted the exchange to be easy and simple to use and only to buy and sell bitcoins, so that anyone of any understanding can do so for any amount. I decided to partner with Paxful as they offered the highest level of security, 2FA and a full customer custodial service.

Founded in 2015 their platform allows users to interact directly with each other, via the online chat, and has grown to be one of the largest peer-to-peer networks in the world.

The easiest way to understand it operates is similar to eBay, we match sellers with buyers.

It’s nice and simple, go to the website and register. We require an email address, phone number, name and country and a password. Then you have an account set up! From there you will go onto the buy now section, where you can select the amount of bitcoin you wish to buy, and you can buy from £10.00 and there you will see live prices from live sellers.

You then select the seller that you wish to buy from, all sellers and buyers are rated and you can see how many trades they have done and their feedback and time to complete the trade.

One of the benefits to working with Paxful is that we can offer over 300 different payment methods, these include traditional methods of bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Revoult and numerous gift cards from Amazon, Adidas, Alipay, Airbnb, Asos and many more. Meaning you don’t need a bank account to use any of our services.

When you set up your account an online wallet is created for you, this is the same as holding a bank account where you can see your balance and all transactions.We offer an excellent customer service; you can buy and sell bitcoin all over the world at any time of the day over 7 days a week.

Even if you don’t want to buy bitcoin you can sign up for the newsletter and the educational sector will be coming soon all free of charge.

You can do all this at contact admin on

And you can follow us at all the social media feeds on

We will be attending a number of online seminars in 2020 as well as a number of live events around the world, and the site will be available in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Richard Bowman

Director and Founder