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Silk Road Creator Ross Ulbricht to Drop New NFT Collection

In the eyes of the law, Robert Ulbricht is a criminal. Currently 9 years into a double life sentence plus 40 years, with no opportunity for parole. His apparent crime, the creation and running of a website. However, the site in question is the Silk Road. Now, to bring attention to his situation, and issues relating to his fellow inmates, Robert Ulbricht is releasing an NFT collection.

Arriving on December 2 at the Art Basel in Miami, the ten strong collection represents Ross’ artistic endeavours while incarcerated, and will be auctioned off on SuperRare. The proceeds of which will help fund Ross’ release efforts, as well as contribute to “Art4Giving,” a charitable organization set up to support people with incarcerated family members.

For many, Ross’ sentence represents a great injustice, serving the kind of time usually reserved for violent criminals, with an online petition on calling for clemency has reached 500,000 signatures. Faced with the very real prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars, Ross will renew his release efforts by reaching out to the NFT community.

The collection is crafted by Entropic and enabled by KanonDotArt’s KSPEC protocol, an open-sourced NFT software produced by a pseudonymous collection of art and design specialists whose members proudly declare “unlocks God Mode for NFTs.”

The Silk Road operated between 2011 and 2013, allowing its users to anonymously trade online using Bitcoin as currency. The website utilized the tor network, and traded a whole array of items, some of which were not entirely above board. Consequently, the US authorities made an “example of” Ross during court proceedings.

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Pay a visit to Ross’ new website >> Here