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Here’s How to Order Food From Your Home Using Cryptocurrency

Staying home during the coronavirus epidemic reduces the risk of getting infected with the deadly covid-19. The disease, which has already claimed the lives of over 20,000 people globally, spreads through human contact. Food is one of the few basic necessities that can regularly get you out of your house. That’s why food delivery companies have been among the few businesses that hire right now. Luckily some of them will accept your crypto.


Ordering food and drinks online can save you a lot of trouble these days by limiting your exposure to other people in public spaces. Using electronic payments will help you to avoid touching paper cash too. If you are a cryptocurrency proponent, you would certainly appreciate the option to pay with the digital coins you have and some food delivery services offer you that opportunity.

Here’s How to Order Food From Your Home Using Cryptocurrency’s subsidiaries in five European countries take crypto. is a food ordering website, first launched in the Netherlands under the Dutch name The platform now operates in around a dozen markets, mostly European (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Romania) but also in Israel and Vietnam, letting you choose dishes from the menus of numerous partner restaurants.

The company’s subsidiaries in these countries accept a variety of locally popular payment methods and fiat cash. A few of its websites also support transactions through crypto payment processor Bitpay, which means you can pay for your delivery with either bitcoin core (BTC) or bitcoin cash (BCH). These currently include the original Dutch site,’s German brand,, as well as its websites in Belgium, Austria, and crypto-friendly Switzerland.


Shuttle Delivery is a similar service in South Korea that delivers to addresses in the capital city of Seoul and its suburbs. You can order food from some of the country’s best restaurants choosing between Asian, American and European cuisine. Orders can be placed in either Korean or English and you also have a variety of payment options at your disposal such as major credit cards, Kakaopay, Paypal, and cash in Korean won or U.S. dollars. What makes the platform special is that it accepts BTC and BCH as well.

Here’s How to Order Food From Your Home Using Cryptocurrency
South Korean platform Shuttle Delivery allows you to order food in Seoul and pay with bitcoin.

But even if a food ordering website does not directly support crypto payments, there are still ways to pay for a delivery with bitcoin. For example, you can purchase a gift code for UK’s Just Eat platform from Bitrefil using several major cryptocurrencies. Just Eat’s gift codes come in different denominations, from £10 to £100. To find restaurants in your area that deliver right now you have to enter your postal code. You can filter the results by rating, hygiene, type of cuisine, free delivery, and other features.

Websites like Bitrefil which sell gift cards for coins provide crypto enthusiasts with many opportunities to spend digital money at merchants and service providers. Store’s Gift Cards section offers a wide variety of cards you can purchase with BTC and BCH. They are sorted in multiple categories, including Delivery & Subscriptions and Food & Restaurants, where you can buy the Uber Eats gift card, for instance. With the Uber Eats app you can order food online and get it delivered to your door, saving you from going out.

I am sure this list of providers will continue to grow as time goes on.