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VeeFriends: A Guide to Gary Vee’s NFT Project

Not only is Gary Vee a world-famous entrepreneur, he is also a notable NFT creator and crypto investor who started his crypto journey in 2017. He ventured into NFTs in late 2020 and launched his VeeFriends NFT project in 2021, which has been a huge success so far.

He also recently announced the launch of VeeFriends physical toys in partnership with ‘Toys ‘Я’ Us and Macy’s department store, dropping yet another gem to all his NFT holders.

What are VeeFriends NFTs?

VeeFriends is an NFT brand project pioneered by GaryVee. The project went live on May 11, 2021, when the first collection of VeeFriends NFT dubbed Series 1 was released, followed by Books Games, Mini Drops, Series 2, VeeCon, and other incredible projects.

What is VeeFriends Series 1?

Series 1 is a collection of 10,255 NFTs classified into 268 characters. The collection has three main levels, which are Access (300 NFTs), Gift (555 NFTs), and Admission (9,400 NFTs). Out of all these, 1,242 NFTs belong to Gary himself and are tagged Gary Originally Owned (G.O.O.), and of course they’re more valuable than others. 

All the NFTs in this collection have human traits that Gary admires and believes can make one happy. The Admission NFTs have 5 degrees of rarity: Core, Rare, Spectacular, Very Rare, and Epic, with Epic being the rarest. Like most other NFTs, each Admission NFT in this collection bears funny animal names like Karma Kiwi, Keen Kingfisher, Quick Quail, Zestful Zebra, Confident Cobra, Conviction Cockroach, Spiffy Salmon, Reliable Rat, Radical Rabbit, etc. Access NFTs have names like Courtside Cat, Keynote Koala, Poker Pirate, Shadow Me Scorpion, etc.

These Access NFTs are utility NFTs that give 1-on-1 access to Gary on different occasions. For example, the 10 Breakfast Bats, Lunch Ladybugs, Dinner Dear, and Brunch Bears grant a 1-on-1 meal with Gary. This also applies to other NFTs with utility names like FaceTime, Hangout, Mentor meeting, Workout, Podcast, Tennis, Bowling, etc.

This Series 1 collection made remarkable sales of 3,129 NFTs within the first 24 hours and sold out within 20 days. The collection is currently owned by over 5,000 investors and has recorded total sales of 57,000 ETH with a floor price of 5.44 ETH. 

This collection can be acquired or purchased on OpenSea with ETH, WETH, DAI, and USDC. GaryVee was adamant that the series was his debut as an NFT creator; this was later validated when he announced another ground-breaking collection called Book Games.

What is VeeFriends

What is the Book Games NFT Collection?

The Book Games is another novel project from Gary, announced in August 2021. While the Series 1 collection was minted on Ethereum (layer 1), the Book Games is a layer 2 NFT minted on Immutable X (a layer 2 chain for Ethereum) to reduce gas fees. The scope behind the game came from his book titled “Twelve and a Half,” making it a utility in the VeeFriends ecosystem.

Since he linked his book to the ecosystem, he used the game to incentivize his community to buy copies of the book to receive NFTs. According to Gary, this collection features 125,000 burnable game tokens, and the game can be played forever. 

An airdrop announcement was made that with every 12 books ordered by any user during a 1-day promo period, will earn the buyer one NFT. With this strategy, Gary sold one million copies of the book nearly 100 days afterwards. He then announced that the gamified aspect of the book would begin on January 10, 2022.

The Book Games collection is categorized based on three properties: Attributes, Spectacular, and Token Frame. The Spectacular divisions are not different from Series 1, which are Bubble Gum, Diamond, Gold, Hologram and Lava. There are 14 attributes possibly driven by the book’s character: Accountability, Ambition, Conviction, Curiosity, Empathy, Gratitude, Humility, Kind Candor, Kindness, Optimism, Patience, Self-awareness, Tenacity, and Special.

MetaMask is the only wallet compatible with the Book Games because it is the only wallet you can connect to the platform. There are over 100,000 collectibles on the platform at a floor price of 0.0909 ETH with over 18,000 owners. You can purchase with ETH, IMX, and USDC.

Many would have thought that’s all from Gary, but nope, he keeps delivering more! Two months after the Book Games, Gary announced the unveiling of another project called “VeeFriends Mini Drops.”

VeeFriends Mini Drops

VeeFriends Mini Drops is a sub-collection of the VeeFriends collection because it focuses on collaboration, scarcity and cultural longevity, according to Gary. It is a limited collection that serves as an airdrop for holders of the Series 1 collection. 

For example, if you held a Halloween-themed character from Series 1, you’re eligible to claim from the collection of 31 unique 1/1 NFTs called Spooky Vees dropped on Halloween. This was probably dropped to commemorate Halloween. These unique collections were claimed by early birds who met the criteria.

The same goes for the Gift Goats NFTs airdropped to holders of the Gift Goat VeeFriends character, where each collector received 18 exclusive gifting experiences. Each gifting experience comes with a real (physical) gift and an NFT. All holders received this because the airdrop supply matches the same 555 total supply of the Gift Goat NFTs from the VeeFriends.  

The Mini Drops currently has a total supply of 6,518 NFTs with over 2,000 owners, a floor price of 0.03 ETH, and a trading volume of over 1,000 ETH.

Gary didn’t stop at this; he proceeded with another breath-taking project to continue the series he paused. He unveiled VeeFriend Series 2.

What is VeeFriends Series 2?

Unlike the previous projects, Series 2 is a massive collection of 55,555 NFTs that stems from the Series 1 collection. Series 2 mirrors 236 characters from Series 1 and has 16 newly introduced characters making a total of 252 characters in Series 2. Each character (aside from Gift Goat) in Series 2 has a total supply of 220 NFTs, with the exceptional Gift Goat having 555 1/1 NFTs.

Series 2 comes with 76 backgrounds, 9 poses and 8 spectacular characters in contrast to Series 1, which has 5, and 1 property (984 G.O.O). Emerald top the list of these Spectacular characters, followed by Bubble Gum, Hologram, Diamond, Lava, Gold, and another yet to be announced.

Community members holding Series 1 and Book Games were privileged to mint Series 2 at 0.335 ETH plus gas fees. Each collection was allotted a specific supply, with holders of Book Games (also called Friend list) getting 32,000 NFTs and the Series 1 holder getting 10,255 NFTs. 

They were both minted on April 18, 2022, and an unminted supply was added to the public supply pegged at 10,000 NFTs. The public minting happened on April 25, 2022, while the 16 newly added characters, which constitute 3,300 NFTs, were minted on April 27, 2022.

This collection currently has a total supply of 54,294 NFTs with over 22,000 owners, a trading volume of 29,000 ETH, and a floor price of 0.31 ETH.

More from Gary Vee

Gary Vee was meticulous in attaching real-world utilities to his NFT collections and making a name for himself in the web3 industry.

Aside from the highlighted projects, Gary held an exclusive conference in Minneapolis from May 19-22, 2022. Notable personalities like Steve Aoki, Danny Cole, Kevin Smith, Beeple, etc., were among the speakers. 

This also led to another NFT ticket, VeeCon, which serves as a pass to the event where VeeFriends holders have automatic access. All Gary’s collections are available on OpenSea except the Book Games, which can be found on VeeFriends and on TokenTrove. 

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