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There will only be 21million Bitcoin in the world in full circulation within the next few years.

Currently, there are over 50 millionaires worldwide, if all of them wanted to buy one or half a bitcoin there would not be enough to accommodate.

The London Crypto Exchange was founded out of frustration from its owner after dealing with crypto exchanges that had some of the hardest platforms to understand, and then some of the worst customer services every experienced. And if you were a newbie to the space, trying to understand how it all worked was a minefield. 

We only employ ambitious talent within our teams; whose passion is equally as strong as the owners about turning our vision into a reality.

"Everyone in the world should own at least £100.00 of Bitcoin"

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London is one of the biggest financial centres in the world, according to a survey by YouGov around 93% of individuals in the U.K. have heard of BitCoin, and nearly a fourth of the respondents said that they understood Bitcoin "fairly well" But only 4% of them surveyed said that they had purchased Bitcoin. With what seems to be a high level of awareness, it's not surprising to see Bitcoin adoption picking up pace here in the U.K.


CEO Statement

“I am an early adopter and passionate about crypto and blockchain technology and the benefits it can bring to the world"

"My aim it to bring great customer service as it’s the heart of any good business”