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Crypto Exchange Investment Opportunity 


As the founder of the company I have been buying and selling bitcoin since 2013, if you think it's hard today you have no idea what it was like back then! You see the biggest problem with 99% of all exchanges is that they are professional trading platforms that want you to trade crypto rather than buy and sell it, you need to understand candlesticks and graphs and all the jargon! Cryptocurrencies are designed by the people for the people to use and we are going to change the way that we buy or sell cryptocurrencies. 

From starting on my own, I now have a business partner and a team who all share the same vision, we have one mission and that is to develop a platform/exchange that is simple to use for all age groups, no matter where you are in the world and on whatever device you choose to use.

The London Crypto Exchange will support mass adoption and growth and education of all cryptocurrencies on a user-friendly custom-built platform. It may be the first time you will be buying crypto or you may be an experienced buyer, it will only take 3 simple steps to open an account that you can access 24/7/365 to buy and sell, catch up with the news or visit our education center.

Throughout 2021, with zero paid advertising, we have expanded our online presence and now regularly receive in excess of 200,000 unique monthly hits across all social media channels, all of which are helping drive traffic toward the website. 

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